2016: Watercolor Experiments

Floral Mind
Floral Mind 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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Dream mandala
Dream mandala 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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Floral Eruption
Floral Eruption 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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Sun & Moon
Sun & Moon 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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Feather Mind
Feather Mind 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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Green flower
Green flower 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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Mother Peace
Mother Peace Sold Out - 600.00 DKK
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Power Feather Heart
Power Feather Heart Sold Out - 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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Wings of Power
Wings of Power Sold Out - 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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Green Mandala
Green Mandala Sold Out - 340.00 DKK 850.00 DKK
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I love to bring the energy of love, joy and maybe even peace into your home.  

My purpose for doing art is exactly that.

Why do you buy art?

Because you are drawn to it? Because it means something to you or gives you something like purpose, inspiration or hope.. ? 

Or maybe you just have an empty wall and really want to have something beautiful to look at? Art can do many things for us in life and just imagine how dull our lives would be if art didn't exist. 

So it's a privilege to do art that women have said to give them peace,  joy and even concentration in their homes. What an honor! 

I also love to inspire and motive you to look inwards and see where you are on your soul journey. 

I encourage you to always follow your dreams and be the true you, because the world wants to see who you really are, instead of a reflection of someone else in you. 

While in Colombia I've been working on new heart inspired art and some other exciting things I will share with you soon. 

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Have a beautiful day and thank you for stopping by!

Lots of love,

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On spiritual matters, not art.

July 29, 2017

  What do you think of when you hear “Spiritual Person” ? I have done art for many many years but only started to share it publically 4 years ago. I stopped working fulltime to be able to work on my art. What I never openly shared is how my awakening to spiritual matters has influenced my art and this initially inspired my first series 5 years ago (Bridges of an Elf). My art will change just as much as I do I have been trying to ”find myself”, that is, to find my “style” as an artist. After intense searching, I have finally come to the conclusion that this ”finding” will never happen. Why? Because I will continually keep...

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